12 Aug

DONATE ITEMS for our ESSENTIALS DRIVE!  We reached out to MOW to find a way to make the most impact, reaching isolated Seniors in Chesapeake.  They've identified 49 MOW recipients that are high need, and do not have much support.  We are collecting donations of everyday essential items, that are oftentimes difficult to fit into a budget.  CTFOA has paper products covered, so we have a list of the most requested hygiene & personal care products requested.  Please sign up with what you will be donating, so we are sure to have everything covered.  If all items are filled, you are welcome to bring extras to our meeting on the 1st.

JOIN US at our September 1st CTFOA meeting at the Chesapeake Lifestyle Center, bring your donations, and if you have time, stay after the meeting to help us put together the bags of donations.  We'll be delivering them on September 15, along with the meals as part of the United Way Day of Caring. 

CTFOA Members can SIGN UP to be a Driver to deliver meals or to ride along with a partner, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15.  We'll start with a breakfast and volunteer orientation at 9:30am at the Chesapeake Lifestyle Center.  We'll head out at 10:45am to deliver meals and essentials  then you'll end the AMAZING morning by dropping off your empty MOW bags back at the Lifestyle Center. Routes take 1-1.5 hours, so you should be done by 12-12:30pm. Please note these opportunities are limited and only open to our CTFOA members.

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