14 Jul

Are you new to ZOOM?  

Many families and friends are staying connected, doctors are meeting with their patients, and meetings and seminars are taking place with ZOOM, a popular video chat program.  

It's like everything else with technology, there's a LOT to it, but you don't need to know it all in order to use it and enjoy it.  Below are instructions for the quickest and the easiest way to join the Chesapeake TRIAD's upcoming SAFETY AND SENIORS: 2020 EDITION workshop on Thursday, July 29th at 2pm.  The workshop is co-hosted by the Chesapeake Task Force on Aging and Chesapeake's 55+.  You must register for the event online, then you'll receive a confirmation email with link to the ZOOM workshop 24 hours prior to the event. 


1. Click on the ZOOM meeting link that was sent to your email.  It will look a little something like this: https://zoom.us/12121212  (this is not the link just an example)

2. When you click the link, a new window will appear saying that ZOOM is launching your meeting. You’re going to click “Join from your browser”  Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari seem to work best.

3. Type in your name and click “Join”

4. You’ll see a message saying your host will let you in soon.  Be patient and you will soon be let into the meeting.

5. Once you’re in the meeting, it will ask how you want to join audio.  Click to join with computer audio. Make sure your speakers are on and the volume up.

The above didn't work for you?

Alternative Directions: If for some reason the direct link from your email does not work for you following the directions above, go directly to zoom.us and click “Join a Meeting” at the top.  Enter in the MEETING ID that was in the email with the link and follow the instructions on your screen. 

Need more help?  Here is a link to ZOOM with video instructions.  Also Senior Planet has put together a great simple guide to using ZOOM

All Connected? 

Now here are some important controls at the bottom of your screen you need to know about...

1. Your microphone will be muted by default when you join, so you’ll see a red slash through it. It’s always best to stay muted during a presentation unless you are called upon to speak.  

2. When you see a red slash on Start Video that means your video is not showing. Click on it to Start Video (if you want to be seen on video). 

3. If you have a question, click “Chat” . You can type in your question there and hit enter.

4. Like what you’re hearing?  You can click here to “clap” or “thumbs up”!

5. If you must leave before the meeting is over, click “end”, or it may display, “leave”.


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